The Rainbow Love Retreat - for 8 Couples on the Big Island of Hawaii March 1-8 2020


We know how it feels to be the “token Lesbians” at a retreat or the only Queer couple in a workshop. We spend enough time in the world trying to be the perfect example, translating heteronormative language into what will apply in our lives, and worrying if we’re safe to show the affection towards each other that comes naturally - we don’t need to use our energy that way on vacation too.

What would it be on a like to be surrounded by women just like you, devoted to creating conscious loving relationships? Women committed to expanding in love and creativity instead of getting stuck in repetitive arguments and drama? What would it be like to have options other than pride week and gay bars to gather in a shared experience?

That’s why we created the Rainbow Love Retreat. After years of facilitating workshops and retreats for women and teaching conscious relating skills we knew it was time to create space for Lesbian/Bi/Trans/Queer women who are in relationship with women to learn the practices that have allowed us to have the conscious, committed relationship we had always dreamed of while enjoying the most transformative vacation of your life.


Imagine: Your plane lands in the Hilo airport on the Big Island of Hawaii and you’re greeted by a driver who takes you and your beloved to a secluded retreat center that’s been reserved exclusively for the Rainbow Love Retreat. You arrive and Meghan and Erika give you flower Leis and escort you to your private cabin - home for the next week - surrounded by fruit trees and lava fields. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:


A Week of Next Level Love

Each day we’ll come together to teach the foundational skills for conscious, lasting love. This is what you never learned from your parents, and clients have said it is like 10 years of therapy in a week - but way more fun!

You and your partner will:

  • Explore the dance of connection and autonomy to spice up your sex life.

  • Replace adrenalized arguments with authentic expression.

  • Learn the art of sharing with transparency and active listening so you can feel fueled by your conversations.

  • Break free from fight or flight patterns that have kept you cycling through old relationship challenges.

  • Learn how to give and receive more positive energy so you’re available for a radical new love story (without needing to get a new partner!)

  • Get real about the impact of internalized shame and the cost of feeling unworthy and get aligned with the reality of who you are and what’s possible for you now.

  • Create powerful agreements for the next level love you’re integrating into daily life so that the impact of this retreat week will ripple out for many years to come.

  • And much more!!!



What we choose to put into our body temples fuels our connection to ourselves and each other. On retreat you’ll be nourished with 3 organic vegan, gluten free, locally sourced meals a day.



We’ll offer daily guided movement practices, including yoga, walking mediations and freeform dance so you can embody and integrate the conscious relating skills you’re learning. (Meghan brings 20 years of yoga teaching experience and is skilled at offering classes for all levels)




While we won’t be serving alcohol we will be offering two special sound healing and partner massage evenings with elixirs to open the heart and create the transparent connection with your beloved you’re really longing for. The elixirs will be infused with our plant allies: Damiana, Ceremonial Cacao, and Kava. (Erika has over 10 years of bodywork experience, specializing in therapeutic partner massage, and has a deep relationship with the plant world, honoring and using them ceremonially for years.)




Disconnect from your habitual life rhythm - your job, your home, computer and phone. Connect to the wild and transformational land of the Big Island of Hawaii. Listen to the chirp of the kukui frogs as you gaze up at expansive starry skies, open to endless possibility. Feel the power of Pele as land is destroyed and created through the active lava flows. Hold hands with your beloved as you take a short stroll down a road canopied by juicy mango trees that ends at one the newest formed beaches on Earth!




Don’t worry - we know this is your vacation and we promise not to fill every moment of the day! You’ll have plenty of time to stare at the palm trees, swing in a hammock and enjoy spacious couple time with your partner at the beach or in your cabin… Honesty really is the best aphrodisiac.